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Man Gives Company to Workers
In Portland, Oregon, Bob Moore, the owner of Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods gave the company he spent years building up to his employees. The store is valued at several hundred thousand dollars that every employee now owns, including the cashiers and janitorial staff. Mr. More said he did it because he didn't want to sell-no one was worth of owning the store he built up, outside of his employees. Many of his employees have worked for him for over thirty years, so he considers them family, and knows they love the store just as much as he does. For a video of the ABC News report and an interview with Bob Moore click here.
Abandoned Pets Give Veterans Help
A non profit group out of Los Angeles called Pets for Vets has begun a program giving abandoned dogs to veterans experiencing post tramatic stress disorder (PTSD). A recent study found almost twenty percent of service men and women return to the United States with PTSD and have trouble adjusting to civilian life. Many become depressed and don't know how to tell people what they went through. However, with the Pets for Vets program the dogs are given a second chance at life (most of these animals would be euthinized) and the soldiers are given a new outlook. Workers say they have seen immediate results in all of the soldiers who have partaken in the program and many are now depression free. The group is hoping to expand to cities outside of LA. For the complete CNN story with interviews from workers and soldiers click here.
Dog Saved After 75 Mile Drift on Snow Patch
 A dog caught adrift on a tiny patch of ice drifted through the Baltic Sea for over 75 miles before being rescued by workers of a Polish ocean liner called, appropriately, Baltic. The temperature at times reached close to negative four degrees Fahrenheit. Once recovered the dog, who's owner has yet been identified, was wrapped in thick blankets and taken to a veternarian. The dog is doing well and the Baltiic crew is standing by to adopt the dog if the original owner can't be found.
For the full story and a video of the dog's rescuer click here.
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7 Year old raises $160,000 for Haiti
Proving you don't need to be a celebrity to raise money for Haiti, seven year old Charlie Simpson of London wanted to raise money for the people in Haiti. He decided to ride is bike during a 5-mile UNICEF run, so his mother created a Web page for him, asking for donations. Little did she, or her son, know exactly how big of a story his bike ride was to become. Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper caught wind of it and published the story on the front page of the paper. UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown even mentioned Charlie in a Twitter message. Since Charlie Simpson began his fundraising efforts more than $160,00 has been donated, and the amount continues to increase.
Click Here for the full AP article.
Need a Job? Here's 87,000
With the down economy it can be hard to find decent work with decent benefits. Thankfully, Fortune magazine just released a list of 22 of the best companies to work for, each with at least 500 open positions. In total, the 22 businesses have 87,750 combined jobs available. Some of these such companies include Google, Cisco, Whole Foods and Edward Jones. Facilities for these companies are located around the country and may be right in your back yard. For a full list of companies and the number of job openings per organization click here.
iPhone App Saves Mans Life
An individual stuck in the Hotel Montana, caught under the ruble of the earth quake and seriously injured saved his own life by using an app on is iPhone. After the quake took place he found himself trapped in darkness. Knowing he needed to find a safer place with a little more structure to help brace for aftershock quakes  he began taking picture with his camera. The flash on the camera exposed the what would be pitch black surroundings. Once he located a safe place to wait for rescurers he realized blood was running form his head and his leg hurt due to a compound fracture. Luckily, he had an iPhone app that contained medical information regarding the appropraite methods of treating wonds. With the help of the app he treated his wonds without injuring himself further. Then, almost two days after the quake, rescure workers found and pulled him from the debris. He is now recouperating in a Denver hospital with is wife and kids nearby. For the full story check out this CNN video
Scott Yancey
In 1983 at the age of 14, Yancey received an insurance settlement of $30,000, which he used to purchase the 2nd deed of trust for a home mortgage as an investment with a 14% interest rate.
Hope for Haiti Telethon Raises over $58 Million
The 'Hope for Haiti Now' telethon which aired on Friday over most of the major networks has raised over $58 million and c ontinues to increase. The increase is due to the iTunes release of all the music recorded during the show. According to Apple, the 'Hope for Haiti Now' album has received more preorders than any other record in the history of iTunes. Some of the performers include Madonna, Bono, Beyonce, Dave Matthews and Bruce Springsteen. 
16 Year Old Begins Trip to Sail Around World
Abby Sunderland just cast off into the Pacific Ocean a few hours ago, set to begin her recording setting sail around the world. She is alone on her ship, Wild Eyes, and is set to become the youngest individual to ever sail solo around the world. Her trip is expected to take anywhere from five to six months. Although she is by herself for this time she can still communicate via satellite phone and also through her updated blog ""
Baseball Play Turns Down Possible Million Dollar Contract to Follow True Calling
It can be rather refreshing to hear about an individual who turns down a large pay check in favor of a different line of work they truly believe in. 23 year old Grant Desme did just this. He is an Oakland Athletics's (Major League Baseball) prospect and recently received the Most Valuable Player award in the Arizona Fall League. A major accomplishment for any individual aiming for the big leagues. Although Grant is likely to be invited to the Athletic's spring training camp next month, he has decided to forgo his baseball career and enter seminary. He stated in an interview that he has enjoyed baseball and has accomplished more than he ever imagined, but his true calling is somewhere else.  Grant is now beginning a ten year process to become a priest at the St. Michael's Abbey in Orange County, California. 
Lucas Confirms Star Wars 3-D
Now, depending on your view point this is either amazing news or horrifying. Due to the recent success of Avatar, a movie with state of the art technology featuring 3-D images, George Lucas has decided to go back and format the full series of Star Wars for the 3-D screen. Although there is no set time for the project to complete, you can expect to hear more news about this story in the coming months. Check out the full Access Hollywood interview with George Lucas here
Buy a Piece of 'Miracle on Hudson' Airplane.
One of the best stories of the past year is easily when the Airways Flight 1549 landed safely in the Hudson river,  saving the lives of 155 people. Well if this story moved you and inspired you, now is the chance to own a piece of that history. A salvage yard in Kearney, New Jersey is set to auction off pieces of the plane. These pieces range from seats in the plane to entire wings and ev erything in between. So if you want to set up a pilot's chair in your living room you need to head out to Kearney. The auction is set to end on March 27th.
Monks Rap, Dance, Serve Booze to Promote Buddhism
When you think of Buddhist monks you most likely conger up an image of an old man with shaved head, chanting softly as he walks down the street in an orange robe. This may be the case in some areas of the world, but several monks in Japan are trying to change this perception. Buddhism in Japan is on a decline, with the younger generations failing to take up the religion of their ancestors. Because of this, many Buddhist monks are taking the problems into their own hands. In Kansho Tagai, a monk draws in followers, or an audience, into the temple by rapping his message to a hip hop beat, while in Shinjuku Japan a fellow monk serves up drinks as "The Monk Bar" while listening to people's problems and reading them ancient Buddhist text. Although some individuals are claiming its all for show to stur up business, most who leave the rapping temple or The Monk Bar claim they obtain some sort of peace by listening to the Buddhist message, even if its in an alternative format. If you're ever in Japan feel free to stop by. But don't buy your bartender a drink. For the full story on Scott Yancey.
Do You Work For America's Top Company?
Fortune Magazine recently released a list of the top 100 companies to work for in the United States. Fortune took into account many different factors, including average hourly and salary wages, health benefits, vacation time, child care and several other perks.  The list ranges from law firms to electronic companies, fireplace ideas, entertainment companies and even an online shoe retailer made the list. Most of these companies have actually hired additional employees over the past year. The top ten companies are 10)Camden Property Trust, 9)Qualcomm, 8)Boston Consulting Group, 7)NetApp, 6)DreamWorks Animation SKG, 5)Nugget Market, 4)Google, 3)Wegmans Food Markets, 2)Edward Jones, 1)SAS.
If you are looking for a career change or are just curious as to what the entire list is, including the perks and benefits, check out the Fortune article here.
Tarek and Christina
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Haiti Receives Nearly $1 Billion in Aid
The country, ravaged by the 7 point earth quake over a week ago and countless after shock quakes, has received pledges from countries around the world for nearly $1 billion. This aid dose not include the food and medical supplies donated by supporting countries. Around 40 nations have thus far pledged the money towards the struggling nation to help the rebuilding process. The next step is to determine exactly what all the money shall go to. For a full list of all the count ries pledging money and other equipment click here.
Prince William Visits Australia, Praises Residents
The British Prince has been on a tour of the Australian nation over the last several days and praised the country's residents in his only public speech for their acts of heroics during last February's fires, a fire that resulted in the death of 173 individuals. Prince Williams last came to the country back in1983 when he was only an infant. However, his tour of the country has concluded and he took an overnight flight back to the United Kingdom.  
Medievel 'Princess Diana' Discovered in Germany. 
The remains of a British princess have been found roughly 90 minutes west of Berlin. The remains are believed to be of Princess Eadgyth, a 10th century princess extremely well liked and referenced as a "Princess of Diana" of the 10th century. In addition, if the remains to prove to be Eadgyth's, it is the oldest remains of British royalty ever recovered. For more information regarding the remains check out the article through Medievel Princess Found
Man Performs Lead In Ballet with Cerebral Palsy
As reported by ABC's Good Morning America, Gregg Mozgola, a 31 year old male who has lived his entire life with cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy, a brain disorder with no known cure, causes the body to function and move without specific instructions from the brain. Although listening to Mr. Mozgola, you'd initially never think he had an issue, until he started to walk. His body would struggle to put his legs into motion and his feet would drag behind his legs while he attempted to walk. However, When the dance instructor from New York's La Mama Experiment Theater saw him perform in a small play, she wanted to use him as the lead in the play "Diagnosis of a Faun." However, after weeks of working with Gregg and performing dance moves and stretches, his walk has nearly corrected itself.  Its an amazing story with an even more amazing video. Check it out through the provided link.
Mozart Saves Babies Lives Hundreds of Years After Own Death
Staying on the baby topic for now,  researchers at the Tel Aviv Medical Center in Israel have discovered premature babies that listen to Mozart actually grow stronger faster and have a better chance of survival. This isn't a strange phenomenon, but the music, when played for an extended period of time (at least 30 minutes) calm the child down. Because the child is not expelling extra energy the nutrients the baby intakes turns to fat, allowing the child to grow faster. The researchers only tested out Mozart, so its hard to tell if The Black Eyed Peas or Lada Gaga would have the same effect.
Rocking Embryo Increases Fertility
Live Science is reporting that doctors from the University of Michigan have discovered embryos gently rocked during vitro fertilization are 20 percent more likely to cause a pregnancy than if the embryo's are stagnant. Although this gentle movement is constantly taking place inside a woman's body, for those who have infertility issues this reduces the risk of an implanted embryo failing to conceive (it can also save the hopeful parents thousands of dollars by not attempting the procedure a second time). The test, conducted on lab mice, determined 55 percent of embryos not rocked ended in pregnancy, while 77 percent of those rocked ended in pregnancy.
UK Unemployment Drops for First Time in 18 Months.
In an unexpected, yet hopeful turn for the United Kingdom economy, the number of individuals unemployed in the country feel to 2.46 million, or roughly 7.8 percent of the population. Although the numbers come in thanks to some individuals taking up part time work for the time being, it is a step in the right direction. The economy in the UK still has a long way to go, but analysis are upbeat thanks to the 450,000 additional people who have work.
13 Year Old Triple College Majo
With most individuals applying to college in their late teens, Stephen Stafford has proven to be an exception. After years of being home schooled by his mother, Stephen enrolled into Morehouse College at the age of 11 with a triple major in pre-med, science and math. All three of those majors are difficult on their own, let alone together. Stephen obviously has an amazing gift and is using it wisely. Thanks to Dr. Boyce Watkins for the information. 
Text Donations Soar Pass $21 Million
Although we have been focusing heavily on the situation in Haiti there has been a good deal of uplifting stories to come out of the event. The Red Cross has reported it has received over $21 Million dollars from text messages alone. The text money drive works when you text the word "Haiti" to the number 90999 on your phone. After the initial message has been sent a response message returns, asking how much you want to donate. The bill then appears on your monthly phone bill.  Although the situation is Haiti remains in turmoil the even has brought the entire world together in support. 
Congo Sends Aid to Haiti
Recently, President Obama told the United States that if you can't give a lot, give a little. The Democratic Republic of Congo is taking this to heart. Although the country is one of the poorest in the world and is struggling with its own poverty problems, the BBC is porting the country has donated $2.5 million to help aid Haiti. When asked why the struggling nation donated the money, Minister Lambert Mende stated "...our own problems shouldn't prevent us from helping a brother country." In addition, The Democratic Republic of Congo is offering refuge, and even free land, to any Haitian national who seeks it.
Women Receives New House After Waiting 40 Years
 Photo by the Associated Press
Sallie Sanders, a resident of Hamtramck, Michigan (a suburb of Detroit) was given her very own home after over forty years of waiting. In the 1960s, the city of Hamtrack had wrongfully forced out minorities from the city, including Mrs. Sanders and her family. Although her parents were not alive to see the new house the Associated Press article said Sallie Sander's parents "Would be ecstatic." The city of Hamtrack has been developing 200 homes to give to individual's who's families were wrongfully removed from the city back in the 60s. Although the project hasn't finished yet, hopes are for the final home to be completed sometime next year. 
Couple $128 Million Dollars Richer Thanks to Gas Clerk Goof
Rob Anderson, an auto worker for Toyota, stopped by a local Louisville, Kentucy gas station on Christmas eve with the intention of purchase three dollar lottery tickets as gifts for some friends. However, the clerk misunderstood and printer the three tickets as a single three dollar quick pick. Anderson kept the ticket and took it home with him.  The day after Christmas Rob Anderson and his wife saw the state's Power Ball drawing and compared their misintended ticket's numbers. All matched, and the three dollar goof turned into an 128.6 million dollar profit. 

College Student Survives 6 Days Buried Under Haitian Rubble

 In a report from CNN, local university student Maxine Fallon had been buried by ruble from her school on Tuesday. Stuck in the fetal position, Maxine said all she could do was pray someone would come to rescue her. A text message sent from the site spured rescue workers to search the area for anyone caught underneath the former building. Although Maxine has been the only individual pulled out so far, hope still remains other survivors remain in the university debris. 


Cab Driver Returns $21,000 Tip


If you have ever been in a taxi cab before chances are you have been swindled, or at worst overpaid for your ride by a few dollars. However, like the news, it is possible to run into a solid driver that is willing to help you out, even if it comes at the expense of them losing money. On Christmas Eve, 72 year old Felicia Lettieri, visiting her daughter from Italy, left her purse in a New York City Taxi cab. Her purse contained over $21,000 worth of travel money intended for holiday shopping .  When Mrs. Lettieri realized she lost her purse she reported the situation to the police, but the police essentially told her not to get her hopes up. However, at the same time, the driver Mukul Asaduzzaman was driving to her daughter's house to deliver the purse, cash and all. When offered a reward for delivering the purse and the money, Mrs. Asaduzzaman refused.


 In a First, Cat Saves Lives of Owners While Dog Sleeps

The Associated Press is reporting that in Wonder Lake, Illinois a fire broke out in the owner's bedroom. The cat apparently jumped on the chest of the owner and began batting at him until he awoke and saw the fire in the room. The man then woke his wife and their pet dog and made it out of the house and called 911. Although there is significant damage to the home all four are safe.



Woman Receives Windpipe Transplant Grown in Arm



 Although it sounds like a story straight out of science fiction, a Belgium woman recently received a windpipe (trachea) transplant she had been growing in her arm for over two years. Due to the possible risks of her body rejecting the windpipe transplant, Linda De Croock's doctors placed a windpipe in her arm so the body would eventually identify it as part of its own and not a foreign object. Reportedly she is doing well after the procedure to remove the windpipe form her arm and transplant it into her throat. Simply amazing what modern medical science can now do. 


Hope For Haiti

 January 18th

Hollywood superstar George Clooney has proven time and again that he's not just a pretty face and is willing to take up the cause for humanity. The actor is organizing a telethon to benefit the victims of the quake in Haiti entitled "Hope for Haiti." The telethon is to take place this Friday (January 22) at 8 pm. You can catch the telethon on all the major networks, including NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS and CNN. 




The AFP is reporting an Australian News crew saved the life of a Hatian baby girl. The Nine Network news crew were in Haiti gathering footage from the tragic quake when they heard the screams coming from the small child in a pile of wreckage. The men form the news agency put down their equipment and dug through the debris until they uncovered the girl. Although it has yet to be determined what to do with the small child she is alive and well.  Despite all of the terrible stories seeping out of the Caribbean nation, some signs of hope and upbeat stores are leaking through to the public. 


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